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Postdoctoral Researcher

in Structural biology and Biochemistry

February 2, 2024

We are now looking for a highly qualified postdoc researcher. The successful candidate will be involved in the project to understand the molecular mechanism of the guest packaging and its impact on the catalytic activity of the vitamin B2 synthesizing compartment, riboflavin synthase/lumazine synthase complex. The project offers you the opportunity to gain experience in laboratory evolution, a most powerful approach to endow proteins with user-defined function, as well as in protein cage-based technology, a hot research topic fuelled by prospective applications in catalysis and medicine. The selected candidate will work in dr Yusuke Azuma’s team in the laboratory of Bionanoscience and Biochemistry located at the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology in the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland.


The application deadline is March 27th, 2024. [Download official announcement]  

General requirement:

• holding a doctoral degree
• having relevant scientific achievements
• taking active part in scientific life.

Specific requirements:

An ideal candidate will:

  1. be highly motivated and interested in molecular and structural biology;

  2. have work experience in wet laboratory, preferably on protein engineering, enzymology, or structural biology projects;

  3. have background studies in one of the fields related to this project, e.g. molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, cell biology, or chemical biology.

  4. a good publication record with at least one first authorship (If you have a special reason not to have a publication, e.g. long-term reviewing process, patent application, etc., please mention it in the application);

  5. have a self-development attitude and desire to establish his/her scientific career in a relative scientific realm;

  6. be able to work together with colleagues and collaborators as part of the team to create an atmosphere of trust and respect;

  7. be able to teach experimental techniques and scientific methodology to the students;

  8. have good presentation and communication skills in spoken and written English;

  9. fulfill requirements stemming from Regulations on awarding funding for research tasks funded by the National Science Centre as regards research projects, including:

    1. obtained a doctoral degree in the year of employment in the project or in the period of 7 years before January 1, 2023. (This period may be extended by the time spent on long-term (over 90 days) documented sickness benefits or rehabilitation benefits due to incapacity for work. In addition, this period may be extended by the number of months of leave related to the care and upbringing of children granted on the terms set out in the Labour Law, and in the case of women - by 18 months for each child born or adopted, if this method of indicating breaks in the scientific career is more favorable.),

    2. obtained a doctoral degree in an entity other than Jagiellonian University, or completed at least a 10-month, continuous, and documented post-doctoral internship in an entity other than Jagiellonian University and in a country other than the country of obtaining the doctoral degree,

    3. dr Yusuke Azuma was not a supervisor or assistant supervisor of the candidate’s doctoral dissertation.

Application documents:

  1. CV

  2. Personal questionnaire [download form]

  3. Photoscan of your doctoral diploma

  4. List of the candidate’s scientific, teaching, and organizational achievements

  5. Workplace statement [download form]

  6. Statement of the law on higher education and science [download form]

  7. Intellectual property statement [download form​​​]


Additional application documents:

  1. Motivation letter describing why you want to join our group and what you can bring to us

  2. Brief description of your previous scientific work (up to 2 pages)

  3. Publication list (if none, justify)

  4. Recommendation letters from previous supervisors (or their contact details)


How to apply:

Please send all the required documents as PDF files by E-mail to ( with the title "OPUS_19_post-doc - Name and Last Name"


Yusuke Azuma (the project leader)

yusuke.azuma[at] ([at]=@)

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