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We are looking for motivated PhD/master students, highly qualified postdocs, as well as admin staffs to promote our research progress.
If you are interested in joining our group, please contact to azumay.group[at]gmail.com ([at] = @) with your motivation letter and CV.
We also encourage and support you to apply for student scholarships or postdoc fellowships. 
You can find more specific open positions below;

23th June, 2022


We are now recruiting a Master’s student for a fully funded position lasting for up to 2 years. The successful candidate will be involved in the research project to develop a new biotechnology to produce difficult-to-express proteins using engineered proteinaceous compartments. The project offers you the opportunity to gain experience in laboratory evolution, a most powerful approach to endow proteins with user-defined function, as well as in protein cage-based technology, a hot research topic fueled by prospective applications in catalysis and medicine. You will be mentored by Dr. Yusuke Azuma, (https://www.azumag.com/) as a member of the prof. Jonathan Heddle’s laboratory, located at the Małopolska Center of Biotechnology in the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland.

Who Can Apply:

The ideal candidate must hold an undergraduate degree and be registered as a Master’s student at an educational unit in Poland on the start date of the position. More specific criteria to peruse the program and to join the research team are the following:

  1. eager to acquire experimental skills in directed evolution of proteins

  2. have background study in one of the fields related to this project*, e.g. molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, cell biology and nanotechnology.

  3. have good written and communication skills in English

NOTE: To obtain the scholarship, you must be registered in a master's course of a Polish university, preferably Jagiellonian University, at the starting point of the work, October 2022. 

Our Offer:

  • Student scholarship of 2,000 PLN /month for up to 24 months

  • Laboratory workspace and supervision to develop your Master’s thesis

  • Access to the basic and modern research instruments including spectrometers, fluorescent-activated cell sorting, transmission electron and confocal microscopy, etc.

  • Opportunities to present your work in international conferences

  • Ability to join an international and dynamic group of researchers

  • Excellent training and experience to develop your skills in protein design and production, directed evolution, enzyme kinetics, structural biology, cell biology, nanoparticle analysis etc.

How to Apply:

Send applications (as PDF files, written in English and using at least 11 pt font size) directly to the project leader, Azuma (yusuke.azuma[at]uj.edu.pl). Applications should be marked “Opus-18_MS” and include the followings:

  1. Motivation letter, including why you are interested in joining the research team

  2. Curriculum vitae

  3. Short summary of previous scientific achievements and awards gained through previous scientific works (up to 2 page)

  4. Signed agreement for processing personal data

(format available on the web, https://cawp.uj.edu.pl/wynagrodzenia/stypendia, „oświadczenie z informacją o przetwarzaniu danych osobowych wraz ze zgodą na ich przetwarzanie”)

Important Dates:

Competition commencement date: 23 June 2022

Applications deadline: 31 July 2022

Decision of the competition shall be made by 31 August 2022

The project starting date: 1 October 2022

You can find the official announcement and the format for the "agreement for processing personal data".