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Agnieszka joined us as a postdoctoral researcher at the beginning of October 2020. Although originally coming from Poland, she spent almost five years in Norway: first as an Erasmus student at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and then as a member of the research lab of Prof. Trygve Brautaset at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology where she successfully obtained her PhD in biotechnology in summer 2020. As her PhD position was primarily affiliated with the ERASysAPP funded project LEANPROT, her graduate work focused on engineering Escherichia coli for enhanced translational and secretory capacities for efficient heterologous protein productions in bacteria. Currently, she is involved in research on encapsidic production of difficult-to-express proteins and she is excited to utilize her postdoctoral training in the Azuma group as an opportunity to learn more about protein engineering and directed evolution. As a nature enthusiast, Agnieszka enjoys all kinds of outdoor sports, especially climbing, hiking or ski touring. You can find out more about her on research gate and LinkedIn.

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