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Lab Manager / Technician

Magdalena joined the Azuma Group in September 2022 as a Lab Manager / Technician. Her primary roles are maintaining smooth laboratory work within the Azuma’s group, mentoring researchers for their good laboratory practices, and providing administrative support to ongoing projects. Apart from her tasks in the Azuma group, Magdalena has worked at the Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology of Jagiellonian University since 2021 as a Specialist and a Grants Officer in the Max Planck Research Group, where she analyzes projects from a financial perspective, scrutinizes budgets and financial data, verifies expenditure, and provides administrative support to projects within the group. Previously, Magdalena worked for many years in the private sector where she was in charge of financial and environmental health and safety audits for organizing and managing foreign projects and construction sites. She is also a certified accountant, an human resource specialist, a certified health and safety officer, and an internal auditor. She likes to travel, read books, watch movies, and spend time with friends in her free time.

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