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Master's student

Daniel is now pursuing his master's degree in Molecular Biotechnology at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. His scientific interests center around protein biochemistry and artificial supramolecular systems with emergent unique features. To explore these interests, he had an internship training in supramolecular complex analysis at Jagiellonian University Medical College's Department of Medical Biochemistry, studying carrier-antitumor drug delivery complexes. For his bachelor’s project at the Department of Physical Biochemistry, he investigated how transcription factor YY1 dimerization depends on interaction with zinc ions. Being aware of the importance and necessity of constantly acquiring new knowledge and deepening those already gained, he is confident that the expertise he is about to receive in the Azuma group will definitely contribute to his future scientific life. Once he's not in the lab, he's caring about his garden on windowsill, doing some artwork or DIY, hiking in the Tatra Mountains, or delving into the philosophical meanders.

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