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PhD student

Vishal is the honorable first and, by far, the only PhD student in the Azuma group. He finished his engineering masters in India with a focus on bioprocess technology and reactor design. He was also actively involved in organic chemistry researches including asymmetric synthesis and cross-coupling reactions. After completing his master’s study, he interned in a metabolic engineering laboratory where he honed his skills in engineering Escherichia coli for the production of industrially important enzymes and their characterization in whole-cell and cell-free catalysis systems. Vishal's role in the Azuma group is primarily to design protein cages that can disassemble under mild conditions, and hopes to carry forward his learning and training throughout this PhD period forwards into future scientific endeavours. His other interests include collecting hats, ties and suspenders; growing a tiny garden of lavenders, trying to digest his own cooking and saving enough money to start a restaurant. You can find more about Vishal, Vishal Malolan | LinkedIn

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