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Technician (from the cell biology core facility)

Michał joined us a part-time technician to be in charge of our flow cytometry experiments beside his main position as the head of our cell biology core facility. For many years, he has been active in the animal and human male fertility field. During his PhD, he had trained with flow cytometry technique in sperm biology research. He intensely worked to develop advanced sperm examination methods including DNA damages, apoptotic changes, oxidative stress and its relations to sperm cell functionality. In his previous position at the National Research Institute of Animal Production, he led a Polish/Austrian/US pre-commercial project to introduce an animal sex regulation method based on sophisticated high speed sperm cells sorting to Poland. After moving to MCB, he has been responsible for the well-equipped flow cytometry laboratory. He takes charge of a wide range of cellular, bacterial and nanoparticle investigations for many research groups at MCB as well as other institutes.
BTW, if you meet his ArcticaTwin motorbike resting sometimes next to the MCB building, say *him* ‘Hello!’ ‘coz he’s seen pretty big piece of the world.

Michal Bochenek - in lab copy.jpg
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