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Post Doc

Michael joined our group as a postdoc researcher at the beginning of April 2022. Previously, he attended a higher technical college in Austria with very applied chemical knowledge. During this stay, he specialized in biochemistry and genetics. Later, he studied earth sciences and put his focus on spectroscopy at the University of Vienna. In his PhD, he has dealt with the metabolic changes of protists (foraminifera) in response to changes in the environment. In parallel with his doctorate, he also completed two more master's programs: Ecology and Ecosystems, and Zoology. The results of his previous researches were presented at various conferences and he received several requests for guest lectures in research centers abroad. With his innovative ideas, a number of grants were successfully applied for, which enabled him to establish many contacts with research centers across Europe. In the Azuma group, he now focuses on the vitamin B2 biosynthetic compartment riboflavin synthase/lumazine synthase complex and investigate in detail the mechanism of guest packaging. In his free time, he enjoys travelling and snorkeling. He is particularly enthusiastic about culinary excursions to the Mediterranean Sea.

Bowl of Berries
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