Master's student

Daniel joined our group in 2020 as an honorable NCN scholarship awardee. He is currently a master's student at Jagiellonian University, majoring in Biochemistry. His scientific interests revolve around biomolecular structure and dynamics, as well as applied protein biochemistry. Having interned at Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry PAS, he burnished his expertise in protein analytics and preparation techniques. Following, he investigated biophysical and structural aspects of bioenergetics within his bachelor's thesis under the supervision of prof. Artur Osyczka.

His thirst for knowledge drives him to explore various areas of biosciences. The objective he pursues in the Azuma group is to gain a deeper insight in supercharged proteins engineering employing directed evolution and to progress with his passion for bioanalytical chemistry by acquiring skills in advanced instrumental methods, such as cryo-EM.

Apart from being a science & tech freak all along, he is an avid mineral collector and an amateur swimmer, keen on gaming and fantasy.